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2019 | 73(3) | 11-15
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Analysis of voice quality parameters in patients with vestibular voice

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Abstract Vestibular voice includes participation of larynx structures which are absent in physiological process. Vestibular phonation may be desired when vocal folds are damaged as in paralytic dysphonia, or undesired in marginal hyperfunction. Vestibular voice may result from psychogenic dysphonia – phononeurosis. The aim of the study is perceptive evaluation of vestibular voice, objective larynx visualization, acoustic and aerodynamic examination. The study included 40 patients: 20 with vestibular voice, 20 with euphonic voice. Voice quality has been evaluated using perceptual GRBAS scale. Endoscopic and stroboscopic larynx examination used Endo-STROB-EL-Xion GmbH with visual tract. High-Speed Digital Imaging (HSDI) and High Speed (HS) camera registered true vocal folds vibrations. Acoustic evaluation of voice with DiagnoScope Specjalista, DiagNova Technologies included analysis of F0, Jitter, Shimmer, NHR, nonharmonic components. MPT has been analyzed. In examined group, hoarseness (95%), roughness (75%) and voice strain (55%) have been recorded. Endoscopy revealed edema of vestibular folds with dilation of vessels covering glottis. Stroboscopy and HSDI confirmed coexistence of hyperfunctional (95%) or paralytic (5%) dysphonia. Acoustic assessment revealed increase in Jitter, Shimmer, NHR and decrease in F0 and MPT. The vestibular voice is observed most frequently in women with hyperfunctional dysphonia (phononeuroses) or in paralytic dysphonia. Visualization techniques confirm the coexistence of vestibular folds hypertrophy and edema with vibration disorders. In the perceptual assessment, vestibular voice was hoarse, rough and strained. Acoustic examination showed increase of Jitter, Shimmer, NHR, presence of nonharmonic components and decrease of F0 and MPT.
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