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2008 | 57 | 3-4 | 281-292
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Adaptacja do zmian klimatu

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Adaptation to climate change
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Reports of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change raised the issue of adaptation to impacts caused by climate change. Mitigation efforts appeared difficult and their effects are delayed. In this respect adaptation is required as it helps to reduce losses and adjust economies to actual challenges. In the paper the concept of adaptation is reviewed and related terms such as vulnerability and adaptive capacity are introduced. Typologies of adaptation are presented as well as the institutional dimension of the efforts. Further, several examples of adaptation options are described, with emphasis on the role of policies. Also difficulties in the introduction of the adaptation options are discussed. Finally, the issue of adaptation assessment is raised. It is argued that difficulties with precise assessment of adaptation costs and benefits are to a certain extent unavoidable. This constitutes, however, one of the constraints to successful adaptation.
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