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2006 | 55 | 1 | 95-105
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Badania preferencji kierunkowych ptaków wędrujących nocą - testy klatkowe

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Studies of night migrants' directional preferences - orientation cage tests
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Different publications cited in this paper proved that orientation cage tests could be used in bird migration studies. This method was commonly applied in bird orientation and navigation mechanism studies, and far less often in the analyses that focused on migration direction differentiation at local/regional scales. The reasons for such a situation could be complicated by very expensive equipment used, or a laborious study technique. It can be that the method of studying night migrants' directional preferences based on new theoretical principles (multimodal behaviour of birds tested in orientation cages) with the use of a technique proposed by Busse (1995) that allows a researcher to collect large data sets under natural conditions, will become popular and finally change this situation.
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