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2002 | 51 | 1 | 47-55
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Wpływ biernego palenia na stan zdrowia osób niepalących

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The effect of passive smoking on the health of nonsmokers
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Summary Large segments of the population are expo sed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), which is a risk factor for lung cancer and heart, circulatory and respiration diseases. Recently ETS was classified as an A carcinogen. Maternal smoking during pregnancy has been shown to be associated with pregnancy complications and deficits in the growth and development of the offspring. The effects of maternal smoking are not limited to the fetal period. It has been shown that in children passively exposed to smoking there is an increased risk of respiratory infections, asthma, middle ear effusion and psychological and behavioral problems. Epidemiological studies demonstrated that passive smoking increased the risk of lung and breast cancer in nonsmokers.
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