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2002 | 51 | 3 | 241-254
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Różnorodność cech fenotypowych bakterii kodowanych przez plazmidy

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Diversity of plasmid encoded bacterial phenotypic traits
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Summary Preceded by general information on the type of genes existing as obligatory or facultative "modules" in plasmid genomes, the range of bacterial phenotypic functions depending on plasmid located genes is reviewed. The plasmid encoded functions are divided into several commonly distinguished functional groups. Representatives of the individual groups are characterized in more detail except for those dealt with in separate articles of this issue. Special attention is given to the plasmid-encoded mechanisms of bacterial resistance to heavy metal ions (mercury, cadmium, zinc and cobalt) as well as to plasmid-dependent pathways of the degradation of natural and man-made toxic substances. The phenomenon of plasmid dependent bacteriocinogeny is presented. Also several examples of the role of plasmids in the relationship of bacteria with eukaryotic organisms are given. The last subject covered concerns the plasmid-encoded functions involved in the pathogenicity of bacteria to humans as well as the role of rhizobial plasmids in symbiotic relations with nitrogen fixing plants. A section presenting a general description of the role of plasmids in conjugational horizontal gene transfer is also included.
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