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2001 | 99 | 3-4 | 337-343
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Analysis of Possible Scattering Processes for Bloch Positronium in Ionic Crystals at Elevated Temperatures

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The role of nonpolar optic phonon scattering and of umklapp acoustic phonon scattering is analyzed for a delocalized positronium atom in ionic crystals at elevated temperatures. At temperatures above which they become essential both of these scattering mechanisms contribute to the imaginary self-energy of positronium renormalizing its acoustic deformation potential constant. It was such a renormalization that was recently observed experimentally for delocalized positronium in MgF_2 crystal. We put forward the theoretical explanation of these experiments based upon the model of nonpolar optic phonon scattering of positronium. An effect analogous to that observed in MgF_2 is predicted for crystalline quartz above the temperature of (α-β)-phase transition.
  • The Institute of Nuclear Problems, The Belarusian State University, Bobruiskaya Str. 11, 220050 Minsk, Belarus
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