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2018 | 133 | 4 | 984-989
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Dose Dependences of the Conductivity and Luminescence in ZnSe Single Crystals

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The studies of time-resolved dose dependences of conductivity and luminescence in ZnSe crystals at various temperatures (8, 85, 295, and 430 K) under X-ray and UV-excitation have revealed that dose dependences under X-ray excitation build up much more slowly and are more informative in comparison with UV-excitation. It is due to high penetrating depth of X-ray radiation and respective involvement of a large sample volume in the kinetic processes. Also, due to the local inhomogeneity of the excitation in the absorption of X-quantum, a significant share of the generated electron-hole pairs recombine in this local area creating a scintillation pulse, and not participating in the conductivity. The delay in the onset of the X-ray conductivity buildup at 8 K for several seconds is due to the high efficiency of the localization of free carriers in the traps, all of which become deep at this temperature. The different buildups of various bands of luminescence of irradiation time can be explained by not only different concentration of luminescence centers but also by their localization in various sections of free charge carriers. Dose dependences of the luminescence and conductivity also show that the scintillation pulse amplitudes and the current pulse amplitudes of the X-ray conductivity are not constant during irradiation of the ZnSe crystals.
  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine
  • National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine
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