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2018 | 133 | 4 | 948-953
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Comparison of the Luminescent Properties of Y₃Al₅O₁₂:Pr Crystals and Films

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The work is dedicated to comparative investigation of the luminescent properties of Y₃Al₅O₁₂:Pr (YAG:Pr) single crystals and single crystalline films using excitation by synchrotron radiation with an energy of 3.7-25 eV in the exciton range of YAG host. We have found that the differences in the excitation spectra and luminescence decay kinetics of YAG:Pr crystals and films are caused by involving the Y_{Al} antisite defects and oxygen vacancies in the crystals and Pb²⁺ flux related dopants in the films in the excitation processes of the Pr³⁺ luminescence. Taking into account these differences, we have determined in more detail the energy structure of the Pr³⁺ ions in YAG host and estimated the differences in the energies of creation of the excitons bound with the isolated Pr³⁺ ions in YAG:Pr films and the dipole Pr-Y_{Al} antisite defect centers in the crystal counterpart.
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