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2018 | 133 | 3 | 684-687
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Microstructure and Thermomagnetic Properties of As-Quenched Gd₇₅Ge₁₅Si₅Pr₅ Alloy

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Microstructure and thermomagnetic properties of the as-quenched Gd₇₅Ge₁₅Si₅Pr₅ (wt.%) alloy are studied. Multiphase composition of the investigated sample was confirmed by microstructural as well as magnetic investigations. The presence of the Gd₆₈Ge₁₈Si₇Pr₇ and Gd₇₆Ge₁₄Si₅Pr₅ regions with different atom concentration was confirmed by SEM/EDS analysis and temperature dependence of magnetic mass susceptibility. From DC magnetic measurements of magnetization versus temperature performed in zero-field/field cooled modes, and magnetic mass susceptibility investigations the Curie temperature (283 K and 278 K, respectively) and magnetic behavior were studied. Moreover, the structural investigations were performed as temperature dependence of specific heat capacity.
  • Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanics and Materials Science Engineering, Smoluchowskiego 25, 50-370 Wrocław, Poland
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