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2018 | 133 | 3 | 582-584
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Magnetic Stray Field Detection as Guidance for Electronic Transport Measurements in the B-T Phase Diagram of MnSi

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In order to advance modern information technologies, progress in both the fabrication of magnetic nanostructures and of complex materials, from which small magnetic entities - like the skyrmions present in MnSi - emerge and in developing measurement techniques are desired. Here the sensor-based stray field detection using tailor-made micro-Hall magnetometers has proven to be a versatile tool for studying the magnetization reversal of individual magnetic nanostructures, domain wall motion in thin films, as well as the local stray field close to macroscopic samples. In this article we demonstrate that the local stray field can be used to accurately map out the B-T phase diagram of MnSi and serve as a guidance for simultaneously-performed electronic transport measurements. The presented study also serves as a proof-of-principle experiment for future combined investigations of electronic transport and magnetization focusing on electrically-contacted magnetic nanostructures.
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