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2017 | 132 | 2 | 397-400
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Modeling of Transient Photocurrent in Organic Semiconductors Incorporating the Annihilation of Excitons on Charge Carriers

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The role of the annihilation of excitons on charge carriers has been theoretically investigated in organic semiconductors. We have developed the numerical drift-diffusion model by incorporation terms which describe the annihilation process. The transient photocurrent has been calculated for different injection barrier heights, exciton mobilities, and annihilation rate constants. We have demonstrated that the annihilation has a great influence on the range and the rising time of the photocurrent.
  • Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, Gdańsk University of Technology G. Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233 Gdańsk, Poland
  • Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, Gdańsk University of Technology G. Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233 Gdańsk, Poland
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