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2017 | 132 | 2 | 299-301
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Ion Beam Induced Surface Modification of ta-C Thin Films

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Thin film samples (d ≈40 nm) of tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C), deposited by filtered cathodic vacuum arc, were implanted with Ga⁺ at ion energy E =20 keV and ion fluences D=3×10¹⁴-3×10¹⁵ cm¯² and N⁺ with the same energy and ion fluence D=3×10¹⁴ cm¯². The Ga⁺ ion beam induced surface structural modification of the implanted material, displayed by formation of new phase at non-equilibrium condition, which could be accompanied by considerable changes in the optical properties of the ta-C films. The N⁺ implantation also results in modification of the surface structure. The induced structural modification of the implanted material results in a considerable change of its topography and optical properties. Nanoscale topography and structural properties characterisation of the Ga⁺ and N⁺ implanted films were performed using atomic spectroscopy analysis. The observed considerable surface structural properties modification in the case of the higher fluence Ga⁺ implanted samples results from the relatively high concentration of introduced Ga⁺ atoms, which is of the order of those for the host element.
Physical description
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