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2017 | 132 | 2 | 274-277
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Application of Ion Implantation for Intermediate Energy Levels Formation in the Silicon-Based Structures Dedicated for Photovoltaic Purposes

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The main aim of the research was to verify if it is possible to create the intermediate energy levels in silicon by means of ion implantation as well as to confirm whether the intermediate band could arise. The tests covered recording of conductance and capacitance of antimony-doped silicon, implanted with Ne⁺ ions. As a result, it was possible to identify a single deep level in the sample and determine its location in the band gap by estimating the value of activation energy.
  • Lublin University of Technology, Nadbystrzycka 38A, 20-618 Lublin, Poland
  • Lublin University of Technology, Nadbystrzycka 38A, 20-618 Lublin, Poland
  • Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Vocational Education, Sidorska 95/97, 21-500 Biała Podlaska, Poland
  • Institute of Physics, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 1, 20-031 Lublin, Poland
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