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2017 | 131 | 4 | 988-990
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X-Ray Diffraction Study of CeT₂Al₁₀ (T = Ru, Os) at Low Temperatures and under Pressures

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We have carried out a powder X-ray diffraction investigation on antiferromagnetic Kondo semiconductors CeRu₂Al₁₀ and CeOs₂Al₁₀ at low temperatures and under high pressures as well as the structural investigation on single crystal of these compounds. The results of powder X-ray studies of CeRu₂Al₁₀ and CeOs₂Al₁₀ indicate that these compounds do not have structural transition at its antiferromagnetic ordering temperature. The results of single crystal structural refinement indicate that the b-axis of this crystal structure is insensitive not only to pressure but also to temperature and that the effect of cooling to Ce-Ce distance for CeRu₂Al₁₀ is the same as that for CeOs₂Al₁₀.
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