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2017 | 131 | 4 | 985-987
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Charge Transport and Magnetism in Tm_{0.03}Yb_{0.97}B₁₂

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Transport and magnetic properties of polycrystalline Tm_{0.03}Yb_{0.97}B₁₂ samples were investigated at temperatures 1.8-300 K in magnetic fields up to 9 T. The activated behavior of resistivity, the Hall coefficient and thermopower is described in terms of a narrow gap ε_g ≈ 16.6 meV, which controls the charge transport in Tm_{0.03}Yb_{0.97}B₁₂ at T>40 K. The maximum of magnetic susceptibility found at 50 K is shown to be induced by a spin gap Δ ≈ 4.7 meV being close to the half of the spin fluctuation energy in YbB₁₂. Large diffusive thermopower S=AT, A=-29.1 μV/K² and the Pauli susceptibility χ₀ ≈ 7.2×10¯³ emu/mol found below 20 K seem to be associated with the many-body resonance, which corresponds to states with an enhanced effective mass m* ≈ 250m₀ (m₀ - free electron mass). The effective parameters of magnetic centers and the analysis of anomalies favor the nonequivalent states of substitute Tm ions.
Physical description
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