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2017 | 131 | 4 | 967-969
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Critical Behavior near the Ferromagnetic to Paramagnetic Phase Transition in Y₈Co₆₂B₃₀ Amorphous Alloy

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The Y₈Co₆₂B₃₀ amorphous alloy is a collinear ferromagnet. The Arrott plot, the Kouvel-Fisher method, critical isotherm analysis and magnetic field dependence of maximum magnetic entropy changes were the main analytical tools used to determine the nature of the ferromagnetic/paramagnetic phase transition. Values of critical exponents (β, γ, and δ) were calculated and were convergent with those characteristic for mean-field model. It suggests that long range ferromagnetic interactions are playing main role in investigated alloy and the phase transition was confirmed to be of a second order according to the Banerjee criterion.
  • Institute of Molecular Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, M. Smoluchowskiego 17, 60-179 Poznań, Poland
  • Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Watsonova 47, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
  • Institute of Molecular Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, M. Smoluchowskiego 17, 60-179 Poznań, Poland
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