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2016 | 130 | 4 | 946-949
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Analysis of Texture and Microstructure of Annealed Fe-23Mn-3Si-3Al Steel

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Texture and microstructural examinations of Fe-23%Mn-3%Si-3%Al (mass%) alloy are presented. After casting the ingot was homogenized at 1150°C, hot-rolled in the temperature range 1200°C-900°C and then cold-rolled. Steel samples, after 40% deformation, were annealed at 300°C for 10 min, 600°C and 750°C for 30 min. X-ray diffraction and metallographic studies revealed deformation-induced mechanical twinning and phase transformation. The crystallographic Shoji-Nishiyama and Kurdjumov-Sachs relations between martensite (ε, α') and austenite (γ), were found in the cold-rolled material. During annealing the reverse martensite to austenite transformation occurred.
  • AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, Cracow, Poland
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