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2016 | 130 | 4 | 927-930
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The Microstructure and Thermal Stability of the Two-Component Melt-Spun Ni₅₅Fe₂₀Cu₅P₁₀B₁₀ TCMS Amorphous/Amorphous Composite

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The aim of this study is to present the special features and properties of the two alloys of similar average chemical composition Ni₅₅Fe₂₀Cu₅P₁₀B₁₀, processed through two different routes. The first alloy was melt-spun after the ejection of homogeneous liquid using a traditional single chamber crucible, and the second alloy was ejected from a double chamber crucible as two separate liquids: i.e., Ni₄₀Fe₄₀B₂₀ and Ni₇₀Cu₁₀P₂₀, mixing only at the orifice area. The studies of the microstructure of the composite alloy were performed through the use of transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The Ni₅₅Fe₂₀Cu₅P₁₀B₁₀ two-chamber melt-spun (TCMS) alloy, as well as the homogeneous Ni₅₅Fe₂₀Cu₅P₁₀B₁₀, Ni₄₀Fe₄₀B₂₀, and Ni₇₀Cu₁₀P₂₀ alloys, were heated to elevated temperatures and their characteristics studied by means of differential scanning calorimetry. The temperature resistivity change method was applied to the examination of the Ni₅₅Fe₂₀Cu₅P₁₀B₁₀ TCMS alloy. The phase composition after heat treatment was investigated using X-ray diffraction. The results of the microstructure examination show that the TCMS alloy is an amorphous/amorphous composite, and is notable for its Ni-Fe-B and Ni-Cu-P stripes resulting from its differentiated chemical composition. Another unique feature of the TCMS alloy is that it retains its wood-like morphology even after high-temperature heat treatment. The crystallisation of the TCMS alloy starts from the Ni-Cu-P constituent and ends with the Ni-Fe-B areas of the sample. The results are discussed on the basis of previous work completed on amorphous matrix composites.
  • Institute of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Science, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Podchorążych 2, PL-30084 Kraków, Poland
  • Institute of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Science, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Podchorążych 2, PL-30084 Kraków, Poland
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science, University of Silesia, 75 Pułku Piechoty 1A, PL-41500 Chorzów, Poland
  • Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Niezapominajek 8, PL-30239 Kraków, Poland
  • Institute of Physics, Pedagogical University, Podchorążych 2, PL-30084 Kraków, Poland
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