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2016 | 130 | 1 | 362-364
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Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Ca-Doped Mn-Ferrite

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Spinel ferrite structures have vast applications, from microwave to radio frequencies. In order to acquire new electronic and optical behavior, divalent cations can be added to normal spinel ferrite structure. This way it is possible to facilitate its usage in material and science technology. In this work we have analyzed the impact of Ca addition to normal spinel manganese ferrite on electronic and magnetic properties by the first-principles calculations. For the exchange-correlation functional, Wu-Cohen, generalized gradient approximation method was used for electron-electron interactions. The calculation of electronic band structures is based on full potential linear augmented plane wave method. The calculated density of states shows that the addition of Ca ions has a significant impacts on the electronic and magnetic structure.
  • Sakarya University, Physics Department, Sakarya, Turkey
  • Sakarya University, Physics Department, Sakarya, Turkey
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