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2016 | 130 | 1 | 236-238
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Determination of Radiation Shielding Properties of Some Polymer and Plastic Materials against Gamma-Rays

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A Monte Carlo code is proposed for determination of mass attenuation coefficients of gamma rays for some polymer and plastic materials. It is based on simulation of interaction processes of gamma rays with the energy of 59.5, 80.9, 140.5, 279, 356.5, 511, 661.6, 1173.2, 1332.5 keV with matter. The method was tested by comparison of the simulation results with the literature values (ANSI/ANS-6.4.3 and GRIC toolkit). The compatible behaviour of mass attenuation coefficients versus incident photon energy for the investigated energy range approves the use of this code for the extended energy range and several materials. Also, the values of half-value layer were calculated for assessment of shielding effectiveness of these materials.
  • Uludag University, Physics Department, Bursa, Turkey
  • Uludag University, Physics Department, Bursa, Turkey
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