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2016 | 130 | 1 | 157-159
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PSG Method for Simulating Agglomeration of Al₂O₃ Inclusions in Liquid Steel

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A quantitative description of the non-metallic inclusions removal from liquid steel is the most important element of secondary metallurgy. Authors made an attempt at calculating balance of Al₂O₃ particles during turbulent flow, which represents the steel refining conditions. For this purpose a special program was worked out. The agglomeration of non-metallic inclusions in liquid steel was modeled with the particle grouping method. Calculations were performed for steel with 300 and 500 ppm oxygen content. Then the quantity of generated aluminum oxide was calculated. Various mixing rates of the melt, corresponding to the actual conditions in the ladle, were applied. Simulations were performed for 6 groups of particles for the initial size of inclusions 1, 3, and 5 μ m. The size interval for each group was predefined very strictly. The diameter increase and particle number reduction of the successive groups were graphically presented in plots. In the initial phase the rate of particle removal was very high, especially when high mixing energies were involved. This calculation procedure realistically describes the agglomeration and elimination of non-metallic inclusions in the secondary metallurgical processes and can be implemented for modeling this type of processes.
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