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2016 | 129 | 1a | A-48-A-52
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Effect of Dielectric Medium Anisotropy on the Polarization Degree of Emission from a Single Quantum Dash

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Excitonic emission from single InAs/InGaAlAs/InP quantum dashes has been investigated in the context of degree of linear polarization by post-growth modification of its surrounding dielectric medium. We present optical spectroscopy measurements on a symmetric squared pedestal structures (mesas), and asymmetric rectangular ones oriented parallel or perpendicular to the main in-plane axis of the dashes [1-10]. Polarization resolved microphotoluminescence shows a significant quantitative modification of the degree of linear polarization value from -20% up to 70%. These results have been confronted with calculations of the coupling between the exciton transition dipole moment and electromagnetic field distributed in the vicinity of a quantum dash inside a processed mesa.
Physical description
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