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2016 | 129 | 1 | 121-124
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Synthesis of PbTiO₃ Thin Films by Annealing Multilayer Oxide Structures in Vacuum

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This article presents investigation of syntheses of perovskite PbTiO₃ thin films by using reactive magnetron layer-by-layer deposition on Si (100) substrate and post-annealing in air and vacuum (p=5×10^{-3} Pa). The film stoichiometry was accurately controlled by the deposition of individual layers with the required ( ≈1 nm) thickness, using the substrate periodic moving over targets. Deposited thin films were annealed in air and in vacuum at 670°C and 770°C for 1 h, respectively. The morphological, structural, and chemical properties of thin films deposited at 300°C substrate temperature and post-annealed thin films using either conventional annealing and thermal annealing in vacuum at different temperatures were investigated and compared between. X-ray diffraction measurements of thin films annealed in air show formed crystalline perovskite PbTiO₃ phase with tetragonality c/a=1.047. The crystallite size of oxidized films depends on the substrate temperature. The structure of post annealed in vacuum thin films strongly depends on Pb/Ti atomic ratio. It was observed that the best structure and morphology forms when atomic ratio of Pb/Ti was 0.80. Pseudocubic phase of lead titanate forms with sufficiently low tetragonality at 670°C temperature.
  • Departament of Physics, Kaunas University of Technology, Student ku 50, LT-51368, Kaunas, Lithuania Department of Technology, Kaunas University of Technology, Nemuno 33, LT-37164 Panevėr v zys, Lithuania
  • Departament of Physics, Kaunas University of Technology, Student ku 50, LT-51368, Kaunas, Lithuania Department of Technology, Kaunas University of Technology, Nemuno 33, LT-37164 Panevėr v zys, Lithuania
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