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2016 | 129 | 1 | 117-120
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On the Existence Conditions of Surface Spin Wave Modes in (Ga,Mn)As Thin Films

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Spin-wave resonance is a newly emerged method for studying surface magnetic anisotropy and surface spin-wave modes in (Ga,Mn)As thin films. The existence of surface spin-wave modes in (Ga,Mn)As thin films has recently been reported in the literature; surface spin-wave modes have been observed in the in-plane configuration (with variable azimuth angle φ_M between the in-plane magnetization of the film and the surface [100] crystal axis), in the azimuth angle range between two in-plane critical angles φ_{c1} and φ_{c2}. We show here that cubic surface anisotropy is an essential factor determining the existence conditions of the above-mentioned surface spin-wave modes: conditions favorable for the occurrence of surface spin-wave modes in a (Ga,Mn)As thin film in the in-plane configuration are fulfilled for those azimuth orientations of the magnetization of the sample that lie around the hard axes of cubic magnetic anisotropy. This implies that a hard cubic anisotropy axis can be regarded in (Ga,Mn)As thin films as an easy axis for surface spin pinning.
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