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2016 | 129 | 1 | 20-22
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Secondary Electron Distribution of Atmospheric Nitrogen Molecule by 350 eV Electron Impact

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Electron collisions with nitrogen molecules have an important role for example in ionospheric and auroral phenomena in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. These processes are important in electrical discharges involving atmospheric gases. Due to the key features electron collisions with N₂ have been under particular interest and extensively studied for last decades. Cross-section data is extremely useful in understanding the systematic of the ionization process. Since the earliest cross-section measurements of N₂, there have been a great number of improvements and new developments on theoretical and experimental methods. A crossed-beam apparatus so called electron spectrometer that has an effusive gas source and electron gun is used to obtain the cross-sections. Scattered and ejected electrons are analyzed by hemispherical electron analyzer. Here we report recent measurements of double differential cross-section for N₂ as a function of electron angle at incident electron energy of 350 eV.
Physical description
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