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2015 | 128 | 5 | 894-896
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Anisotropic Magnetoresistance of Ni Nanorod Arrays in Porous SiO₂/Si Templates Manufactured by Swift Heavy Ion-Induced Modification

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In this work anisotropic magnetoresistance in nanogranular Ni films and Ni nanorods on Si(100) wafer substrates was studied in wide ranges of temperature and magnetic field. To produce Ni films and nanorods we used electrochemical deposition of Ni clusters either directly on the Si substrate or into pores in SiO₂ layer on the Si substrate. To produce mesopores in SiO₂ layer, SiO₂/Si template was irradiated by a scanned beam of swift heavy 350 MeV ¹⁹⁷Au²⁶⁺ ions with a fluence of 5×10⁸ cm¯² and then chemically etched in diluted hydrofluoric acid. Pores, randomly distributed in the template have diameters of 100-250 nm and heights about 400-500 nm. Comparison of temperature dependences of resistance and magnetoresistance in Ni films and n-Si/SiO₂/Ni structures with Ni nanorods showed that they are strongly dependent on orientation of magnetic field and current vectors relative to each other and the plane of Si substrate. Moreover, magnetoresistance values in n-Si/SiO₂/Ni nanostructures can be controlled not only by electric field applied along Si substrate but also by additionally applied transversal bias voltage.
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