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2015 | 128 | 2 | 179-181
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Influence of Acoustic Phonons on the Magnetic Anisotropy in GaMnAs Magnetic Semiconductors

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We present a theoretical description of the influence of incoherent acoustic phonons on the magnetic anisotropy of magnetic semiconductors. Our theory is based on the six-band Kane model of the electron energy spectrum describing the valence band with k· p Hamiltonian including the hole-phonon interaction term. We include the effect of incoherent phonons through the hole self-energy in the six-band model, and assume a strong laser-pulse-induced flux of non-equilibrium acoustic phonons. The results of numerical calculations of magnetic anisotropy performed for (GaMn)(AsP) magnetic alloy semiconductors demonstrate the essential role of incoherent phonons.
Physical description
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