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2015 | 127 | 4 | 1367-1369
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The Effects of Aging on the Hardness and Wear Behaviour of 2124 Al Alloy/B₄C Composites

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The particulate reinforced aluminum alloy matrix composites are being increasingly used for wear component applications. The influence of matrix aging treatment on wear behavior in a powder metallurgy 2124 Al-B₄C composite was investigated. The aging responses of 2124 Al-B₄C metal matrix composite (MMC) and unreinforced matrix alloy are studied and related to variations in wear resistance properties. The MMC is aged resolution treated. Accelerated aging occurs in both MMC conditions, compared with unreinforced alloy. Wear resistance and hardness were substantially higher in the reinforced alloys. The effects of the percentage of boron carbide addition on the microstructure, hardness and wear tests of the produced material are discussed. The effects of the age hardening process are also considered.
  • Department of Metallurgical & Materials Eng., Cumhuriyet University, 58140, Sivas, Turkey
  • Department of Metallurgical & Materials Eng., Cumhuriyet University, 58140, Sivas, Turkey
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