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2015 | 127 | 4 | 1124-1127
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Compact Modeling of the Performance of SB-CNTFET as a Function of Geometrical and Physical Parameters

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In this work, we study the effects of geometrical and physical parameters on the performances of SB-CNTFET using a compact model. The influences of the physical parameters (height of the Schottky barrier (Φ_{SB}) capacity of oxide layer (C_{INS}) and geometrical parameter (nanotube diameter (d_{CNT})) on the static performance (I_{ON}/I_{OFF}) of SB-CNTFET have been investigated. We present a detailed analysis of the electrical performance of the SB-CNTFET or current-voltage characteristics (I_{D}=f(V_{DS}) for different values of V_{GS}, and also the characteristics (I_{D}=f(V_{GS})) for different values of V_{DS}. All these circuits are studied for a fixed value of Φ_{SB}=0.275 eV.
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