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2014 | 126 | 5 | 1163-1166
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Fabrication and Properties of the Photosensitive Anisotype n-Cd_{x}Zn_{1-x}O/p-CdTe Heterojunctions

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We have fabricated photosensitive anisotype n-Cd_{x}Zn_{1-x}O/p-CdTe heterojunctions by a deposition of Cd_{0.5}Zn_{0.5}O film onto freshly-cleaved CdTe monocrystalline wafers using a radiofrequency magnetron reactive sputtering of a zinc-cadmium alloy target. Fundamental electrical properties of the heterojunctions were studied. Dominant mechanisms of a current transport were found. n-Cd_{x}Zn_{1-x}O/p-CdTe heterojunctions were photosensitive and were able to operate both in photovoltaic and photodiode modes.
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