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2014 | 126 | 4 | 960-962
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The Influence of Heat Treatment on Soft Magnetic Properties of the Fe_{60}Co_{10}Mo_{2}Y_{8}B_{20} Alloy

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This paper presents the results of studies on the magnetic properties of the Fe_{60}Co_{10}Mo_{2}Y_{8}B_{20} alloy. The samples were fabricated in the form of plates by the injection-casting method. The structure of the investigated alloy, in the as-quenched state and after annealing, was verified by using X-ray diffractometry. The magnetization curves as a function of temperature were measured by a force magnetometer. From thermomagnetic curves the Curie temperature of the alloy was determined. As a critical parameter β was chosen to be equal to 0.36 for these calculations, it confirmed that the alloys may be considered as ferromagnetic of the Heisenberg type. Additionally, using a vibrating sample magnetometer the magnetization and coercivity field were studied (in magnetic field up to 2 T).
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