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2014 | 126 | 4 | 957-959
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The Study of Magnetization in Strong Magnetic Fields for Alloys Fe_{60}Co_{10}W_xNb_2Y_{8}B_{20-x} (x=0, 1)

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The study analyzed the influence of structural defects on the process of magnetization in the area called the approach to ferromagnetic saturation for bulk Fe_{60}Co_{10}W_xNb_2Y_{8}B_{20-x} (x=0, 1) alloys. For this purpose, the magnetization studies were performed in the fields range of 0 T to 2 T using a LakeShore vibrating magnetometer. On the basis of the Kronmüller theory an analysis of the magnetization curves was conducted and the type of occurring structural defects in the studied alloys was established. Then, using a Monte Carlo method the effective anisotropy of the tested samples was designated.
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