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2014 | 126 | 4 | 907-911
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Microstructure Evolution of Tungsten-Based ODS Alloys Reinforced with the γ(Ni,~Fe) Phase by a Secondary Ball Milling Method

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In the current study, W-5Ni-2Fe-Y_2O_3 model alloys were produced using a high-energy planetary ball mill. The presence of the γ(Ni, Fe) phase is favored with respect to material properties in this alloy. Therefore, a secondary ball milling method was introduced to obtain a fine and uniformly distributed γ(Ni, Fe) phase. Phase development of mechanical alloyed powders was investigated by X-ray diffraction. The results show that the formation of the γ(Ni, Fe) phase was found after 18 h of a pre-milling procedure. A further secondary milling method produced a uniform microstructure with grain refinement. TEM results also show changes in the lattice parameters of the tungsten and γ(Ni, Fe) phase associated with the solid solubility limits in the alloy produced by secondary ball milling.
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