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2014 | 126 | 1 | 376-377
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Details of Magnetic Properties in Pb(Fe_{1/2}Nb_{1/2})O_{3}

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For Pb(Fe_{0.5}Nb_{0.5})O_{3} the χ(T) and m(H) measurements up to 70 kOe were performed with the aim to estimate the antiferromagnetic (AFM) and superantiferromagnetic (SAF) contribution to χ(T). Below T_{N} the increase of χ(T) is attributed to a small part of Fe^{3+} ions in the SAF clusters. For high fields the suppression of the AFM and enhancement of the SAF susceptibility was observed. An inflection point of the m(H) curves below the Néel point suggests the presence of a spin reorientation process connected with the AFM phase.
  • Institute of Physics of ASCR, Na Slovance 2,18200 Prague 8, Czech Republic
  • Institute of Physics of ASCR, Na Slovance 2,18200 Prague 8, Czech Republic
  • Institute of Physics, Southern Federal University, Rostov on Don 344090, Russia
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