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2014 | 125 | 6 | 1412-1415
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Dielectric Properties of (CoFeZr)_x(PZT)_{100-x} Nanocomposites Produced with a Beam of Argon and Oxygen Ions

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In this paper it was established that nanocomposite (FeCoZr)_x(PZT)_{100-x}, with x=90.0 at.%, produced by ion sputtering with argon and oxygen beam remains under the percolation threshold. It is related to the compound structure of films and creation of coat consisting of metallic oxides on surface of metallic phase nanogranules, which prevents electric contact between nanoparticles. Verification of the Arrhenius dependences for capacity and conductivity demonstrates that dominant part of metallic phase nanogranules has metal oxide coatings. Only a small number of nanogranules (probably around a few percent) does not have oxide coating.
  • Department of Electrical Devices and High Voltages Technologies, Lublin University of Technology Nadbystrzycka 38a, 20-618 Lublin, Poland
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