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2014 | 125 | 6 | 1360-1367
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Analysis of Optical Radiation Generated by Partial Discharges on Insulators

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Results of measurements of optical radiation emitted by partial and complete electrical discharges occurring on a bushing insulator model placed in air are presented in the article. Registration was performed using a spectrophotometer, enabling for measurement of optical radiation in the range from 270 to 1700 nm. Detailed characteristics of spectrophotometer are presented in our previous paper. The primary objective of the laboratory tests was to evaluate the impact of supply voltage changes in the range from 0 to 0.99 U_{b} (breakdown voltage) on the intensity and spectral character of the optical radiation emitted by partial discharges generated on the porcelain insulation surface of the bushing insulator. In the scope of studies analyzes of the effects of voltage changes on the obtained spectral waveforms were performed, whereby voltage increase and reduction was examined separately. Additionally, measurements and analyzes carried out included impact estimation of the time period as the voltage was applied to the high-voltage electrodes on the course of optical phenomena related to the generation of partial discharges.
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