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2014 | 125 | 6 | 1329-1332
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Optical Emission Spectroscopy of Microwave (915 MHz) Plasma in Atmospheric Pressure Nitrogen with Addition of Ethanol Vapour

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In this paper results of optical emission spectroscopic study of microwave 915 MHz plasma in atmospheric pressure nitrogen with an addition of ethanol vapour are presented. The plasma was generated in waveguide-supplied cylinder-type nozzleless microwave plasma source. The aim of research was to determine the rotational T_{rot} and vibrational T_{vib} temperatures of CN and C_2. A method called bubbling was employed to introduce alcohol (ethanol) into the plasma. The T_{rot} and T_{vib} were determined by comparing the measured and simulated spectra. Obtained rotational and vibrational temperatures of CN and C_2 were ranged from 4400 to 5400 K and from 2800 to 3400 K, respectively, depending on the location in the plasma and the microwave absorbed power P_{A}.
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