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2014 | 125 | 4A | A-49-A-56
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Analysis of Voice Modifications for Persons After Tonsillectomy

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The goal of the research described in the present paper was the determination of modification range for voice acoustic parameters resulting from tonsillectomy. Within the scope of the described research program, an attempt has been made to determine the changes of selected voice parameters for persons after such a treatment and also to elaborate work out some premises for prediction of potential voice modifications for persons who have not yet decided to undergo such a treatment. In order to achieve the goal, analyses have been carried out for voice utterances of persons before the tonsillectomy surgery and after the treatment. The first voice recordings took place between one and three days before the surgery. The post-treatment recordings have been carried out about 6 weeks after the surgery, as a procedure accompanying the follow-up examinations. In the present paper, an analysis has been carried out concerning phonemes /a/, /e/, /i/, and /u/ with prolonged phonation. The completed research shows that for evaluation of voice modification in the aspect of changes resulting from tonsillectomy, the most useful parameters are some of the mel-cepstral coefficients, the formant frequencies, and also the relative power coefficients.
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