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2014 | 125 | 4A | A-7-A-10
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Hand Grip-EMG Muscle Response

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One of the most important factors in hand-arm system research is the information about hand grip force and pressing force on a tool handle. This article focuses on an alternative method to measure grip force. For grip force, one of the most popular solutions is a special handle with force sensors. However, when we want to use it with regular hand tool like e.g. a drill, it seems to be uncomfortable because we must interfere in handle construction. A solution proposed in this article is based on technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by muscles, electromyography (EMG). It has been assumed that EMG signal will be proportional to muscle tension responsible for palm grip. This solution have one significant advantage when comparing to special handle. It can be used with regular tool without interfering in the handle. Measurement presented in this article have been carried out with use of surface electromyography (sEMG). It is not invasive method which enables to measure EMG signal through placing stickers with electrodes directly on a skin.
  • AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics, Al. A. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Krakow, Poland
  • Narutowicz Specialist Municipal Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine Prądnicka 35-37, 31-202 Kraków, Poland
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