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2014 | 125 | 4 | 891-894
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Magnetic Polymer Nanocomposite for Medical Application

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Magnetic sponges derived from biocompatible and resorbable polymers are promising materials for medical applications. These materials have been utilised extensively in research applications for the capture of biomolecules and cells, the construction of tissue scaffolds and in regenerative medicine. The object of this study was a polymer scaffold made of polycaprolactone (PCL) containing a 10 wt% amount of nanomagnetite, manufactured in a two-step method. The porosity and morphological parameters were characterised with the use of μ-computer-aided tomography and scanning electron microscopy. Furthermore, the magnetic properties were evaluated. The obtained results confirmed high porosity and the appearance of randomly oriented pores. Moreover, evaluations of the magnetic properties, of both the magnetite nanopowder and the prepared magnetic nanocomposite, were performed. The tests verified the ferromagnetic character of the materials under investigation.
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