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2014 | 125 | 2 | 465-468
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Microstructural Characterization and Thermal Properties of Aluminium Titanate/YSZ Ceramics

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Yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ, with 3 mol.% Y_2O_3) has superior high temperature properties such as high tolerance for thermal shock, low thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, elevated melting point, good phase stability, and excellent oxidation resistance. Aluminium titanate (Al_2TiO_5) exhibits extremely good thermal shock resistance and low thermal conductivity coupled with good chemical resistance in molten metals. In the present work, aluminium titanate/YSZ ceramics with different percentages of Al_2TiO_5 was prepared using powder metallurgy techniques. The microstructural, mechanical and thermal properties were characterized using X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, dilatometer and hardness. Thermal shock resistance behaviour under water quenching of the as-prepared ceramics was also evaluated. The results revealed that the addition of aluminium titanate to YSZ matrix improves the properties of the aluminium titanate/YSZ ceramics.
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  • Cumhuriyet University, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Sivas, Turkey
  • Erciyes University, Fine Arts, Kayseri, Turkey
  • Cumhuriyet University, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Sivas, Turkey
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