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2014 | 125 | 2 | 365-367
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Synthesis, Structural and Optical Properties of Mo-Doped ZnO Thin Films

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Transparent zinc oxide thin films doped with molybdenum have been prepared using a DC reactive magnetron sputtering on glass substrates from metallic ZnMo target. The three films, called A, B, and C, had 1.9 at.% Mo, 2.8 at.% Mo and 4.7 at.% Mo, respectively. The composition of the films was determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The analysis of Mo 3 d_{5/2} core level spectra indicated that Mo exist in the films in Mo^{6+} oxidation state irrespective of the Mo content in the film. The X-ray diffraction spectrum of film A showed a texture along the 002 orientation, while that of film B showed two peaks, one at θ ≈ 34.5° and the other at ≈ 36.5° corresponding to 002 and 101 orientations, respectively. Film C showed two small peaks corresponding to 100 and 110 orientations. Optical measurements showed that all three films had a transmittance of about 80%. The energy band gap showed a linear increase as Mo concentration increases from 3.29 eV to 3.38 eV. The atomic force microscopy image of film A showed a homogeneous morphology of the surface of the film, while the atomic force microscopy images of films B and C showed an inhomogeneous one.
  • Physics Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia
  • Physics Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia
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