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2014 | 125 | 2 | 174-176
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Density of States in Thin Boron-Doped Microcrystalline Silicon Films Estimated from the Thermally Stimulated Conductivity Method

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In this work, a series of boron-doped microcrystalline silicon samples [μc-Si:H(B)] were deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, using silane (SiH_4) diluted in hydrogen, and diborane (B_2H_6) as a dopant gas. The concentration of B_2H_6 in SiH_4 was varied in the range of 0-100 ppm. The density of states was obtained from the thermally stimulated conductivity technique and compared with results obtained by the modulated photoconductivity methods. To explain the poor agreement between the density of states obtained from the thermally stimulated conductivity and the other methods, it is shown by means of numerical simulations that the density of states is very sensitive to experimental errors introduced in the calculation of the μ_{n}τ_{n} product (mobility of electron × lifetime of the electron). The thermally stimulated conductivity method is applied here for the first time to calculate the density of defect states in the forbidden band of μc-Si:H samples.
  • Departamento de Fisica, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Carrera 30, Calle 45, Bogota, Colombia
  • INTEC (UNL-CONICET), Güemes 3450, 3000 Santa Fe, Argentina
  • INTEC (UNL-CONICET), Güemes 3450, 3000 Santa Fe, Argentina
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