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2013 | 124 | 5 | 817-820
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GaAs-Based Quantum Well Exciton-Polaritons beyond 1 μm

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Realization of the Bose-Einstein condensate can provide a way for creation of an inversion-free coherent light emitter with ultra-low threshold power. The currently considered solutions provide polaritonic emitters in a spectral range far below 1 μm limiting their application potential. Hereby, we present optical studies of InGaAs/GaAs based quantum well in a cavity structure exhibiting polaritonic eigenmodes from 5 to 160 K at a record wavelength exceeding 1 μm. The obtained Rabi splitting of 7 meV was almost constant with temperature, and the resulting coupling constant is close to the calculated QW exciton binding energy. This indicates the very strong coupling conditions explaining the observation of polaritons at temperatures where the exciton dissociation is already expected, and allows predicting that room temperature polaritons could still be formed in this kind of a system.
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