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2013 | 124 | 5 | 791-794
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The Novel Multichannel Single Photon Correlations Technique Applied for the Spin Dynamics Study of a Few Mn^{2+} Ions in a CdTe/ZnTe Quantum Dot

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In this work we demonstrate a novel experimental approach to the study of single photon correlations. The introduction of the multichannel detection setup enables the simultaneous measurement of a large number of correlation functions for photons emitted from different energetic ranges. The advantages of this new approach were exploited in a detailed study of the biexciton-exciton recombination cascade in CdTe/ZnTe quantum dots doped with a few Mn^{2+} ions. The information about the dynamics of the magnetic system in the quantum dot during the lifetime of the exciton was obtained from the analysis of the correlation functions.
Physical description
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