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2013 | 124 | 2 | 305-313
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Development of Growth Technologies for the Photonic Single Crystals by the Czochralski Method at Institute for Single Crystals, NAS of Ukraine

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The present paper briefly overviews the application of the Czochralski method for growth of a set of oxide crystals for photonics, as well as the design of equipment at the Institute for Single Crystals, NAS of Ukraine. The examples of crystal growth and their characterization are described. The simultaneous Q-switched lasing and self-Raman frequency conversion were demonstrated in Nd-doped PbWO_4 and PbMoO_4 crystals grown by the Czochralski method. The slope lasing efficiency obtained for a PbMoO_4:Nd^{3+} laser is the best result for all the crystals with the scheelite-type structure. A detection unit with high scintillation characteristics based on a large volume (V ≈ 350 cm^3) CdWO_4 crystal was produced. Crystal growth procedures and properties of new double tungstate and vanadate crystals are presented, too.
Physical description
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