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2013 | 124 | 2 | 295-300
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Growth and Investigation of Nd_{1-x}Sm_{x}ScO_3 and Sm_{1-x}Gd_{x}ScO_3 Solid-Solution Single Crystals

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The pseudo-cubic lattice parameters of rare-earth (RE) scandate, REScO_3, single crystals grown by the Czochralski technique with RE = Dy to Pr lie between about 3.95 and 4.02 Å. These crystals are the only available perovskite substrates in this lattice constant range that can withstand virtually any thin film growth conditions. Two members of this series, PmScO_3 and EuScO_3, are, however, not suitable for substrate applications. Because the pseudo-cubic lattice parameters between neighbouring REScO_3 compounds decrease with rising atomic number of the RE in about 0.01 Å steps, the unsuitability of PmScO_3 (radioactivity) and EuScO_3 (incompatibility with Si) causes an interruption in this lattice spacing sequence. To replace them, solid solutions of their adjacent rare-earth scandates, i.e., (Nd_{0.5}Sm_{0.5})ScO_3 and (Sm_{0.5}Gd_{0.5})ScO_3, were grown by the Czochralski method. Their average pseudo-cubic lattice parameters of 3.9979 Å and 3.9784 Å are very close to those of PmScO_3 and EuScO_3, respectively, and they show very low segregation. These qualities make these solid solutions excellent substitutes for PmScO_3 and EuScO_3.
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