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2013 | 124 | 2 | 239-243
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Si_{1-x}Ge_{x} Single Crystals Grown by the Czochralski Method: Defects and Electrical Properties

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Defects in Si_{1-x}Ge_{x} single crystals (2-8.5 at.% Ge) grown by the Czochralski method are investigated by synchrotron white beam topography and phase contrast imaging techniques. As the Ge concentration increases, dislocation structure evolves from individual dislocations to slip bands and sub-grain boundaries. We discuss the effect of dislocations on the electrical characteristics such as resistivity ρ_{v}, the Hall hole mobility μ_{p} and carrier lifetime τ_{e}. Diodes are fabricated by bonding p-Si_{1-x}Ge_{x} to n-Si wafers to investigate I-V characteristics and reverse recovery process. I-V characteristics are not deteriorated in spite of a five times decrease in τ_{e} with Ge concentration. A small reverse recovery time (determined by the accumulated charge) can be achieved for an optimised preset Ge concentration.
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