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2013 | 123 | 6 | 1072-1077
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Synthesis of the Impulse Response of the Transmission Path in a Selected Area of the Sound Field

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Providing appropriate sound field parameters in the listening area is very important. It often determines the possibilities of being able to use a facility. Assuming that the sound system is a linear object, it can be described by the impulse response. Unfortunately, it is not possible to designate a single impulse response for such a facility because it is a continuous system. Thus each path between the transmitter and the receiver has its own impulse response. Therefore, the authors have made an attempt to synthesize the impulse response for transmitter-receiver paths with suitable parameters of the sound field in the neighbourhood of the receivers. A technical implementation of the presented synthesis will take place through introduction of additional sources. An experimental determination of the impulse response is relatively simple. The transient response can be numerically determined by using, for example, the finite element method or the boundary element method. Unfortunately, determining the impulse response through simulation of, e.g., planned objects, is much more difficult due to the high computational cost and the lack of precise data on the properties of the materials. For this reason, the authors used an energetic analogue of the impulse response, the echogram.
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