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2012 | 122 | 3 | 469-474
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Effect of Si and Fe on the Recrystallization Response of Al-Mn Alloys with Zr Addition

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Al-Mn alloys are often used for the production of automotive heat exchanger fins. During brazing at about 600°C, recrystallization and grain coarsening resulting in the reduction of the strength and possible buckling of the fin can occur. In order to obtain a good recrystallization resistance, the alloy should contain a dense and homogeneous distribution of second phase particles. The effect of Si and Fe addition on the recrystallization response of Al-Mn-Zr alloys direct-chill cast in the laboratory conditions and twin-roll cast in the industrial conditions was examined. Microstructure of the alloys was characterized during downstream processing. The particles were analyzed by light metallography, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and by means of electron backscattering diffraction. Computer assisted quantitative particle analysis was carried out on field emission gun-scanning electron microscope micrographs. Vickers hardness and electrical conductivity were measured at thicker sheets, while at the final gauge of 65 μm the 0.2% proof stress was evaluated. The best recrystallization resistance had twin-roll cast alloy containing 0.5 wt% Si and 0.2 wt% Fe.
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